12 December 2008

Summary how to revive Konica Autoreflex TC (aka ACOM-1) alive without obsoleted mercury batteries.

WeinCell MRB625 (which replaces PX625 and PX13) zinc-air battery is very convenient solution, but they deplete even if not used. The first and only pair lasted operational almost six months. You can purchase those from their web site or from Mediajoy in Japan. It was a reasonable investment to verify that my old Konica works (it did).

Kanto Camera Service's MR-9 adapter for SR-43 (silver oxide 386) batteries is a longer term solution. Available from their web store in Japan and from C.R.I.S. in the US. Scan of the sales package and instructions is here.

11 December 2008

Nokia is running their annual holiday-season campaign to help children in need. They make a donation to UNICEF for each card that is opened by the receiver. You are invited to create your own greeting cards here.